Warten auf Armageddon

Huffington Post Regisseur David Heilbroner spricht über seinen kommenden Film der zeigt, das 50 Millionen gut ausgebildete Amerikaner auf Israel schauen und auf Armageddon warten.

Was erschreckend ist, erzählt uns Heilbroner, dass diese große Masse von Amerikanern, einen dritten Weltkrieg wollen, in der Hoffnung auf Dinge, die den Nahen Osten umwälzen, denn für sie ist das Ende der Anfang. . . .

It’s been just nine years since dooms-dayers expected the new millennium to bring the end of the world, yet the cry of „Armageddon“ still rings out. Last month alone, NASA had to allay fears of a 2012 end-of-the-world scenario.

And why not? We all know humans are doomed. Either our sun will explode in a few billion years or God’s wrath will consume the planet tomorrow. But few Americans have embraced the coming of the End Times as intensely as the Evangelicals profiled in Waiting for Armageddon, a documentary I co-directed with Kate Davis and Franco Sacchi, to be released theatrically in New York City, Providence and Boston in January. In the film, we join Christian Evangelicals on an explosive tour of the future as they see it, from anguish to the sublime perfection of a new world.

There are some 50 million Evangelicals in the US who believe in the literal truth of Bible prophecy. You can argue theological accuracy all you want. This massive block of citizens possesses unshakable belief that the end of the world will be heralded by a series of prophetic events some of which have occurred (e.g. 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina) some of which are ongoing (the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan).

I am not talking about Bible-thumping, street-corner ravers, though one or two do appear in our film. The people we profiled — from Evangelical leaders to rank-and-file believers — are for the most part formidable, intelligent, well-educated. And all are fixated upon Israel (the land of Christ’s return).

Waiting for Armageddon opens with James and Laura Bagg, an attractive pair of 30-something jet-propulsion engineers living in Connecticut. Yes, Evangelical rocket scientists from the Northeast.

„We could be raptured out of this world during this interview,“ Laura says, referring to a miracle where all good Christians disappear from earth and rematerialize in the clouds as chaos seizes the world. „There will be car crashes and plane crashes. And the people left behind will be asking, ‚Are they coming back for me?'“

Then James Bagg explains that, „You see God has a plan for the world and it all centers around Israel.“

Weiter geht’s bei der „Huffington Post“: Evangelicals, Israel, and the End of the World


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