Altes Brot

Wissenschaftler haben herausgefunden, Brot gab es schon vor 30.000 Jahren.

Starch grains found on 30,000-year-old grinding stones suggest that prehistoric man may have dined on an early form of flat bread, contrary to his popular image as primarily a meat-eater.

The findings, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) journal on Monday, indicate that Palaeolithic Europeans ground down plant roots similar to potatoes to make flour, which was later whisked into dough.

„It’s like a flat bread, like a pancake with just water and flour,“ said Laura Longo, a researcher on the team from the Italian Institute of Prehistory and Early History.

„You make a kind of pita and cook it on the hot stone,“ she said, describing how the team replicated the cooking process. The end product was „crispy like a cracker but not very tasty,“ she added.

The grinding stones, each of which fit comfortably into an adult’s palm, were discovered at archaeological sites in Italy, Russia and the Czech Republic.

Und 24.000 Jahre später erschuf Gott das Universum.

Im Anfang war das Brot, und das Brot war bei Gott, und Gott war das Brot. Das Brot war im Anfang bei Gott. Alle Dinge sind durch das Brot gemacht, und ohne das Brot ist nichts gemacht, was gemacht ist. R’amen.


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