Metal-Festival wegen religiöser Proteste abgesagt

In Australien ist es einer Gruppe von christlichen Fundamentalisten gelungen, ein Black Metal-Festival zu verhindern. Das „Black Mass Festival“, sollte am 27. Nov. 2010 in Newtown (Australien) stattfinden.

Der Veranstalter schreibt in einer Erklärung:

We deeply regret to inform everyone that the Black Mass festival to be held on the November the 27th has been cancelled. The turn of events that has unfolded in regards to the Black Mass festival has shocked us and filled us with disappointment, anger and sadness. Less than two weeks out from the show The RSL board has pulled the plug on Black Mass Festival. They have blatantly cancelled with no prior notice and with no option of negotiation or compromise. They have sadly bowed under pressure from Christians who have lobbied them to cancel the show.

Offenkundig kam es im Vorfeld des Festivals zu massiven Protesten von Seiten christlicher Interessengruppen, die sich direkt an den Vermieter des Veranstaltungsort richteten. Catholics Taking Action (CTA) hatte auf Facebook eine Kampagne gegen das Festival gestartet. Auch die Bands wurden in Emails mit Inhalten wie „if you play this show you will pay for it“ und „you are as good as dead that night“ bedroht.


This coming Sat 27th November a satanic “Black Mass” celebration is to occur at Newtown RSL – it is simply disgraceful. The advertising which features the insignia of the Church of Satan and an inverted crucifix is encouraging people to come and partake in an “unholy spell to be cast upon the city of Sydney” featuring the “ultimate of soul possessing occult revelations…unbridled blasphemy… [and] a union of all things unholy”.

Details of the event may be found here:

It is shameful that the RSL (a support organisation for men and women who have served or are serving in the Australian Defence Force), feels it necessary to promote such a depraved, perverted, foul and anti-Australian production.

Please email (and phone!) the RSL letting them know of your opposition to its decision. A sample email is provided below – please give it a read for further information.

Here are their contact details:

RSL National:
Mr Warren Burr (Events Manager Petersham + Newtown RSL):
Mr Danny Fitzgerald (CEO Petersham and Newtown RSL):
Event Bookers A Red Letter Day:

Mr Warren Burr (Events Manager Petersham + Newtown RSL): 95608355
As well as A Red Letter Day (who are the event bookers): 95193978

It may interest you that event manager Clare Burgess representing A Red Letter Day has stated, in response to complaints, that: „as event bookers we are very comfortable with…the show“, and that it is „a much healthier activity for young people than…having no interest at all in any kind of cultural activity.“ Is she for REAL???

Thanks again for your efforts!


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you in sheer disbelief and disgust that you and the Returned and Services League of Australia are promoting, and have allowed for, a satanic “Black Mass” celebration to occur on your premises this coming November 27 at Newtown RSL.

I refer you to the advertising (see below) which itself is utterly insulting. Upon which is borne the Pentagram/”Sigil of Baraphret” – which is not only the insignia of the Church of Satan, but also denotes all that associated with the occult, ceremonial magic and anarchism. Moreover, the inverted crucifix is an abusive symbol particularly considering it was under the banner of the Australian Flag (upon which is borne the Southern, St Patrick’s, St Andrew’s and St George’s Crosses) that our war heroes fought to defend our shores and to safeguard our liberty.

It is simply shameful that the RSL is supporting such a depraved and perverted production.

Is the RSL aware that it is promoting bands such as:
– Drowning the Light which (according to their own web-page) has previously used “dead ravens and other assorted rotting beasts” in performing that “the stench overwhelmed a lot of people and … forced [them] to leave”. (
– Nazxul which was banned indefinitely from performing at Australia’s Extreme music festival Metal for the Brain, for delivering (according to their own words) “one of the most blistering illustrations of deranged, sonic assault, and arrant destruction in memory” (

And the production on Nov 27th promises to be no different, the advertising encouraging fanatics to come and participate in the “ultimate of soul possessing occult revelations…the ultimate opus of evil in this truly rare and cult performance”, to join in on “a union of all things unholy…unbridled blasphemy… [and an] unholy spell to be cast on the city of Sydney.”

It is simply revolting.

Would you please explain why the RSL (a support organisation for men and women who have served or are serving in the Australian Defence Force), feels it necessary to promote such a highly offensive, foul and anti-Australian production?

Please do all you can to stop this.


Es ist merkwürdig, das die Australier damit so ein Problem haben. Geographisch gesehen hängen in Down Under alle Kreuze sowieso verkehrt herum.



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